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                                                      Type:120G FM Radar level Meter

                                                      Illustrate:Radar Level Transmitter uses the operating mode of emission-reflection-receiving. Its antenna emitted extremely narrow microwave pulse , which travels at the speed of light. Part of its energy, which is reflected off the surface of targe medium, is received by the same antenna.

                                                      1. Millimeter-wave radar, with a measurement accuracy of up to ± 2mm and a minimum blind area of 0.05m.
                                                      2. Smaller antenna size to meet the measurement of more working conditions.
                                                      3. A variety of lens antennas, smaller emission angles, more concentrated energy, and stronger echo signals, so it has higher reliability than other radar products under the same industrial and mining conditions.
                                                      4. It has stronger penetrability and can be used normally under the condition of adhesion and condensation.
                                                      5. CX-RLM-F series products have larger dynamic signal range and more stable measurement for low dielectric constant media.
                                                      6. Multiple measurement modes, the radar response time is less than 1S in the fast measurement mode.

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