Type:CX-LHT-110120 leeb hardness tester

                                                      Illustrate:Leeb hardness tester is the multi-function hardness measurement instrument and can displays HLHBHRBHRCHRAHVHS and other hardness value. It is small exquisite portable high reliability; shock-proof electromagnetic interference. It has three calibration function HL HbHL.

                                                      CX-LHT-110120 Leeb Hardness Tester

                                                      Main Functions
                                                      1.According to leeb hardness measurement principle can measure various mental material. The value is accurate and stable.
                                                      2.Displays hardness measurement value immediately and can transmit freely in different hardness system.
                                                      3.Can pre-set tolerance limit when exceed range it will alarm automatically it is convenient for user to measure batch test.
                                                      4.Automatically recognize the impact device type don’t re-calibrate when change.
                                                      5.Large screen liquid crystal display menu type operation information abundant audio-visual.   
                                                      6.Highlight LED backlight it is convenient for using in dark environment.
                                                      7.Low-power design automatic dormancy automatic power-off.
                                                      8.Common alkaline battery powered stand-by time is 150hours. 
                                                      Main Applications
                                                      1.Bearing and other parts heavy workpieces metal material warehouse to distinguish pressure vessels steam turbine generator set and its equipment failure analysis;
                                                      2.Mechanical or permanent assemblies installed very narrow test space of workpiece require to have the formal and original records to the test results;
                                                      3.Quick test of various measuring parts in large workpiece 
                                                      4.Measured material Steel and cast steel alloyed tool steel stainless steel gray cast iron nodular cast iron cast aluminium alloy pinchbeck alloy(brass) copper-tin alloy(bronze) fine copper forged steel.
                                                      Main Parameters

                                                      Model LHT-110 LHT-120
                                                      Indication error ±6HLD(HLD=760) ±6HLD(HLD=760)
                                                      Indication repeatability 6HLD(HLD=760) 6HLD(HLD=760)
                                                      Test direction 360° 360°
                                                      Hardness system HL,HB,HRC,HRB, HV,HS HL,HB,HRC,HRB,HV,HS
                                                      Identification impact device D(can’t pull out and insertion) DGCDLDCD+15
                                                      PC communication / Yes
                                                      Standard configuration Main body D type impact device HRD standard hardness block Main body D type impact device HRD standard hardness block nylon brush back-up ring
                                                      Optional nylon brush back-up ring Abnormal shape back-up ring abnormal shape impact device standard hardness block communication software

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