Type:CX-CTG-210/211 coated thickness meter

                                                      Illustrate:It widely be used to measure the thickness of non-magnetic cover layer on magnetic metallic coatings nondestructively(such as steel, iron, alloy and hard magnetic steel with aluminum, chromium, copper, zinc, tin, rubber, paint and so on )

                                                      CX-CTG-210/211 Coated Thickness Meter

                                                      Main Functions
                                                      1.Adopts magnetic and eddy current two methods for measurement
                                                      2.Can measure thickness of the non-conductive  insulating cover layer on non-magnetic metal (such as aluminum, copper, zinc, tin, rubber, plastic, on the rubber, plastic ,oil print, oxidation film etc.).
                                                      Main Parameters

                                                        CTG-210 CTG-211
                                                      Measuring head type F1(can not pull out and insert) N1(can not pull out and insert)
                                                      Operational principle Magnetic induction Eddy current
                                                      Measuring range 0~1250μm
                                                      Lower limit resolution 0.1μm
                                                      Indication error One-point Calibration ±(3%H+1)
                                                      Two-point calibration ±[(1~3%)H+1]
                                                      Measure condition The mini. radius of curvature(mm) 凸1.5
                                                      Mini. area dia.(mm) Φ7
                                                      Basic critical thickness(mm) 0.5
                                                      Working  environment Temperature 0~40C
                                                      Humidity 20%~90%
                                                      Magnetic field No high-intensity magnetic field
                                                      Power supply “AAA”alkaline batteries(2 pcs)
                                                      Outline dimension 115×70×30mm (main body)
                                                      Weight 152g 195g

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