Type:CX-PR-ASR200 paperless recorder

                                                      Illustrate:Paperless Recorder is a smart multifunctional instrument it is good to use for Monitoring, Controlling, Recording and Transmitting remotely various processing parameters

                                                      CX-PR-ASR200 Paperless Recorder

                                                      Main Features
                                                      Color Paperless Recorder, in design, adopting the consideration of computer architecture: in hardware, using TFT LCD display screen, new-type micro-processor with internal Flash ROM, possessing the large data storage capacities, as well as large size Liquid Crystal Display Panel ; In software, introducing the consideration of English/Chinese Windows Architecture, using data compression technology. Sub-Computerized structure, obviously embodying the great advantage of micro-process instrumentation. The Multi Function Color Paperless Recorder successfully actualizes, built in as small as 288x288x240 mm box, multi-channel data detection, displaying multi data, pictures, characters and curves in the single-screen/divided-screen, and including large capacity recording data storage.
                                                      Input Signal

                                                      Input type Input sort Mode Measuring range
                                                      Analog quantity Voltage VDC 0~20mV -9999~99999
                                                      0~100mV -9999~99999
                                                      0~5V -9999~99999
                                                      1~5V -9999~99999
                                                      Current IDC 0~10mA -9999~99999
                                                      4~20mA -9999~99999
                                                      Thermocouple TC S -50.0~1769.0C
                                                      B -50.0~1820.0C
                                                      K -50.0~1372.0C
                                                      E -50.0~1000.0C
                                                      J -50.0~1200.0C
                                                      T -199.90~320.00C
                                                      Wre 3-25 0.0~2300.0C
                                                      Thermal resistance RTD Pt100 -200.0~850.0C
                                                      Cu50 -50.00~150.00C
                                                      Switching value DI Connection point input Connection point:on/off
                                                      DCV input(TTL) OFF:2.4V below
                                                      ON:2.4V above
                                                      Pulse value Rectangle /sine/triangle Amplitude≥4V Frequency 0-15KHz
                                                      Output Signal 

                                                      Output type Input sort Model Measuring range Comment
                                                      Analog quantity Voltage VDC 0~5V -9999~99999 Load≤750 Ω
                                                      1~5V -9999~99999 Load≤750 Ω
                                                      Current IDC 0~10mA -9999~99999 Load≤750 Ω
                                                      4~20mA -9999~99999 Load≤750 Ω
                                                      Switching value Relay touch spot AC 220V/3A    
                                                      DC 24V/5A -50.0~1820.0C  
                                                      SCR output 40V/0.5A    
                                                      SSR output 5~ 24V/0.05A    
                                                      Feed   DC 24V/60mA    
                                                      Main Parameters

                                                      Accuracy 0.5 %FS±1 digit  or  0.2%FS±1 digit
                                                      Small-signal removal 0 — 25.5%FS
                                                      Measuring range -9999 — 99999 digit
                                                      Sampling Period 0.25 second
                                                      Interrecord Time Between 1 second and 4 minutes take a                        second as a unit there are 240 ways for you to choose
                                                      Display mode High resolution, brightness adjustable, wide view angle and bright TFT color LCD (320x234) with saving screen (5.6” for ASR100 series)
                                                      Parameters setting By Key nods or upper linking computer setting. Security lock function is available.
                                                      Alarm 4 alarm points per channel are available. Upper/lower alarm, rate-of-change and  differential limit; Alarm output delay, alarm  delay  high  to  low,  external connection  sound available, max 12 latest alarm  messages  are  saved  per channel.
                                                      Communication port RS-232,RS-485: Buad rate 1200 – 115200 bps
                                                      Printer TPμP-A40 micro printer is recommended.

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