Type:CX-FT-LK80 flow totalizer

                                                      Illustrate:with auto-compensation and accumulating calculation is applicable in the measurements for various liquids, vapors,natural gas and ordinary gases. It has been widely used for flow-controlling with accumulating calculation in the fields of biology, oil, chemical engineering, metallurgy, electric power, pharmacy, food engineering, energy managing, mechanical engineering, aviation and astronautics

                                                      CX-FT-LK80 Flow Totalizer

                                                      Main Features
                                                      1.Auto T & P compensation
                                                      2.High precision table T & P compensation
                                                      3.Auto calculating Flow coefficient K
                                                      4.MC based auto digital regulating
                                                      5.Open to set all internal parameters
                                                      6.Select various input signals
                                                      7.Convenient to net communicating
                                                      8.LED / LCD display available
                                                      Communication Type

                                                      Selection code 0 2 3 4 8 9
                                                      Communication No RS-232 Print interface RS-422 RS-485 Special type
                                                      Control output type

                                                      Selection code  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
                                                      Output No Relay 4~20mA 0~10
                                                      1~5V 0~5V SCR output SSR output Special type SOT output
                                                      Variable Output Type

                                                      Selection code 0 2 3 4 5 8
                                                      Output Without output 4~20mA 0~10mA 1~5V 0~5V Special type
                                                      Input Type(default)

                                                      Selection Code Input Range Code Input Range Specification
                                                      A 4~20mA -1999~99999 d G Pt100 -200~650C All the listed are the max.range . And  in this range ,user can modify the secondary parameters to confirm the range .
                                                      B 0~10mA -1999~99999 d E RTD E type 0~1000C
                                                      C 1~5V -1999~99999 d K RTD K type 0~1300C
                                                      D 0~5V -1999~99999 d R Customize -1999~99999 d
                                                      M 0~20mA -1999~99999 d N No compensation input  
                                                      F pulse 0~5KHz      

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