Type:CX-LPH-1608 laboratory pH meter

                                                      Illustrate:It can be widely used for continuous monitoring of PH values of the solutions in thermal power plants, chemical fertilizer, alloy, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, biochemical, foodstuff, running water, etc.

                                                      CX-LPH-1608 Laboratory PH Meter

                                                      Main Features
                                                      1.CX-LPH-1608PH Meter is a digital display PH meter,
                                                      2.Adopts the blue backlight, double-row LCD digital display
                                                      3.It can simultaneously display PH and temperature values or potential (mV) and temperature values.
                                                      4.The instrument applies to the laboratories in tertiary institutions, research institutes, environmental monitoring,
                                                      industrial and mining enterprises and other departments to measure its PH and potential (mV) values of the
                                                      sampled aqueous solution
                                                      5.Equipped with ORP electrode, it can measure ORP (oxidation- reduction potential)value of the solution; equipped with ion specific electrode, it can measure the potential value of the electrode.
                                                      Main Parameters

                                                      Instrument level 0.01
                                                      Measuring range pH: (0.00- 1 4 00) pH
                                                      mV: (0 - ± l800) mV (1 auto-display)
                                                      Minimum display unit 0.01 pH, I mV, 0.1 ℃
                                                      Temperature compensation range (0.0~60.0)℃
                                                      Intrinsic error of electronic units pH: ±0.01 pH
                                                      mV: ±0.1%FS
                                                      Intrinsic error of the instrument ± 0.02 pH ± 1 unit
                                                      Electronic unit input current No more than 2 x 10-12A
                                                      Electronic unit input impedance No less than l x l012Ω
                                                      Error in temperature Compensation ± 0.01 pH
                                                      Repeatability error of the electronic units PH: 0.01 pH ± 1 unit; mV: 1mV ± 1 unit
                                                      Standard configuration: One secondary instrument; one power supply; one 2-in-1 electrode, one temperature electrode; a set of electrode support, a set of standard buffer solutio

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