Type:CX-RIB precision ph/ion meter

                                                      Illustrate:This precision pH/ION meter is used to measure acidity and alkalinity of liquids. It can measure ion concentration directly by using of different ion selective electrodes with high performance at an economic cost.

                                                      CX-RIB Precision PH/ION Meter

                                                      Main Features
                                                      1.Microprocessor-based meter, high accuracy, good repetition
                                                      2.Self-diagnostic for easy trouble-shooting
                                                      3.Meter factory reset function: users can use this function to reset the meter to the factory default and data log for convenient operation
                                                      4.2 points push-button automatic calibration for ion measurement
                                                      5.Direct Ion Concentration measurement with use of many Ion Selective Electrodes
                                                      6.Stability and average function for optimized results
                                                      7.Auto-sleep function for Benchtop meter
                                                      8.Auto-off conserves energy and lengthens battery lifespan (Portable)
                                                      9.Low battery indicator: when battery icon lights up, battery power is low. Replace batteries with fresh 10.Ones as soon as possible (Portable)
                                                      11.Store and output data function: the meter can store up to 500 sets data
                                                      12.Data can be sent to computer via USB link
                                                      ISE Options
                                                      Ammonia, Bromide, Calcium, Chloride, Cupric, Cyanide, Fluoride, Fluoroborate, Idodide, Lead, Nitrate, Silver/Sulfide, Sodium
                                                      Main Parameters

                                                      Model CX-RIB6000/CX-RIB600
                                                      PH Range 0.00-14.00PH
                                                      PH Resolution 0.01 PH
                                                      PH Accuracy +/-0.01PH
                                                      PH Buffer Selection USA,NIST,DIN,Manual
                                                      Calibration Point 3 points
                                                      ORP/RmV Range +/-1999 mV/RmV
                                                      ORP Resolution 1mV
                                                      ORP Accuracy +/-2mV
                                                      ION Range 0-9999
                                                      ION Resolution 1,2,3 efficient data
                                                      ION Accuracy +/-2mV or 1%
                                                      ION Unit Same as the standard solution
                                                      Temperature Range 0.0-99.9C / 32-212F
                                                      Temperature Resolution 0.1C/0.1F
                                                      Temperature Accuracy +/-0.5/+/-0.9F
                                                      Temperature Compensation 0.0-99.9C, Auto/Manual
                                                      Cal Reminding Yes
                                                      Memory 500 Sets
                                                      Ambient Temperature 5-45C
                                                      Display Meter sleeps (Benchtop) or shuts off (Portable) automatically 15 minutes after last key is pressed
                                                      Input BNC,φ3.5mm sockets
                                                      Output USB
                                                      Power 9V DC adepter,500 mA 100/240V (Bench top)
                                                      4X1.5V“AAA”alkaline battery (Portable )
                                                      PH/ION Meter Selection Guide

                                                      Model Description Configuration Application Field
                                                      CX-RIB6000-01 Precision Benchtop
                                                      PH/ION Meter
                                                      Benchtop PH/ION meter (RIB6000)
                                                      Swing arm electrode stand (H-200)
                                                      Glass PH electrode (0108)
                                                      Gtainless temperature electrode (T-10)
                                                      Lake water, surface water or
                                                      regular simple water
                                                      CX-RIB600-01 Precision Portable
                                                      PH/ION Meter
                                                      Portable PH/ion meter (RIB600)
                                                      Plastic 3-in-1 PH/ATC
                                                      Electrode (CX-PH-0107)
                                                      Lake water, surface water or
                                                      regular simple wate

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