Type:CX-LSM-1609 laboratory sodium meter

                                                      Illustrate:It can also be used for measuring the sodium ion concentration (or activity) in the natural water and the industrial drainage in higher education institutions, research institutes, petrochemical industry, microelectronics industry, etc.

                                                      CX-LSM-1609 Laboratory Sodium Meter

                                                      Brief Introduction
                                                      CX-LSM-1609 Sodium Ion Concentration Meter is designed for measuring the sodium ion content in aqueous solution, especially suitable for the quality monitoring of high-purity water in the power plants (such as steam, condensate water, boiler feed water, etc.).
                                                      Main Features
                                                      1.CX-LSM-1609 Sodium Ion Concentration Meter adopts the single-chip computer technology, featured by the simple and convenient operation as well as the intuitive and accurate digital display.
                                                      2.The instrument has the manual temperature compensation and the automatic temperature compensation functions
                                                      3.TopNa value display, the instrument also has the function of sodium ion concentration [Na+] display.
                                                      The external shape of the instrument is compact and beautiful.
                                                      Main parameters

                                                      PNa value (0.00~9.00) pNa
                                                      Na+ concentration 23g/L~0.023 μ g/L
                                                      mV value (-1800~1 800) mV
                                                      Resolution 0.01 pNa
                                                      Intrinsic error of electronic units ±0.02pNa ±1 unit
                                                      Intrinsic error of the instrument: ±0.05pNa
                                                      Instrument repeatability error: No more than ± 0.03pNa ± 1 unit
                                                      Temperature compensation range (5.0 ~ 50.0) C
                                                      Calculation error  ± 0.3% (reading)
                                                       Electronic unit stability  ± 0.02pNa/3h

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