Type:CX-IDO-1304B industrial dissolved oxygen meter

                                                      Illustrate:Industrial Dissolved Oxygen Meter is the precision instrument used for testing and control of the dissolved oxygen.

                                                      CX-IDO-1304B Industrial Dissolved Oxygen Meter

                                                      Main Features
                                                      1. The instrument has all the parameters of micro-computer storage, computing and compensatingof the related measured values of the dissolved oxygen
                                                      2.It can set the relevant data, such as elevation and salinity
                                             is featured by complete functions, stable performance, simple operation and other characteristics, making it an
                                                      ideal instrument in the field of the dissolved oxygen testing and control.
                                                      5.CX-IDO-1304B Industrial Dissolved Oxygen Meter adopts the backlit LCD display, with error indication
                                                      6.The instrument also owns the following features: automatic temperature compensation; isolated 4-20mA current
                                                      output; the dual-relay control; high and low points alarming instructions; power-down memory; no back-up
                                                      battery; data saved for more than a decade.
                                                      Main Parameters

                                                      Measuring range 0~100.0 ug/L  0~20.00 mg/L  0~60°C
                                                      Resolution 0.01 mg/L  0. 01%
                                                      Accuracy ±l.5%F.S
                                                      Control range 0. 00~19.99mg/L  0.0~199 9%
                                                      Temperature compensation range 0~60°C
                                                      Output signal 4-20mA isolated protection output
                                                      Output control mode On/Off relay output contacts
                                                      Relay load Max. 230V5A (AC); Min. l l5V10A (AC)
                                                      Current output load Max. 500
                                                      On-ground voltage insulation degree: minimum load of 500VDC
                                                      Protection IP54
                                                      Power supply 220VAC, 50Hz
                                                      Overall dimension 186 x 1 31 x 81mm outdoor wall mounting
                                                      Weight 1 kg
                                                      Working conditions Ambient temperature: 5 - 45 °C,Air relative humidity: ≤ 80%
                                                      Except for the earth magnetic field, there is no interference of other strong magnetic field around.

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