Type:CX-IDO-1301 industrial dissolved oxygen meter

                                                      Illustrate:This instrument is designed for monitoring the oxygen content in the boiler feed water, condensate water and sewage

                                                      CX-IDO-1301 Industrial Dissolved Oxygen Meter

                                                      Brief Introduction
                                                      1.It is a kind of high-intelligence in-line meter and used for continuous on-line monitoring
                                                      2.It can be equipped with CX-IDO-120F Polarographic Electrode and can automatically switch from ppb level to ppm level of wide-range measurement.. 

                                                      Main Features
                                                      1.It can be easily operated.
                                                      2.Simple menu structure and text-type man-instrument interaction: Compared with traditional instruments,
                                                      3.Adopts classified menu structure, which is similar to that of a computer, it is clearer and more convenient.
                                                      4.It can be operated according to the prompts on the screen without the guidance of an operation manual.
                                                      5.Multi-parameter display: The oxygen concentration value, input current (or output current), temperature values,
                                                      time and status can be displayed on the screen at the same time.
                                                      6.Six sub-displays can display such information as the input or output current,temperature, status, week, year, day, hour, minute and second
                                                      7.Adapt to different users’ habits and toconform with different reference times set by the users.
                                                      Main Parameters

                                                      Measuring range and error 0~100.0ug/L; 0~20.00 mg/L (automatic switching); 0~60%
                                                      Resolution: 0.1ug/L; 0.01 mg/L; 0.1C
                                                      Resolution 0.1ug/L; 0.01 mg/L; 0.1C
                                                      Intrinsic error of the whole instrument ug/L: ±l.0%FS; mg/L: ±0.5%FS, temperature: ±0.5C
                                                      Repeatability ±0.5%FS
                                                      Stability ±1.0%FS
                                                      Automatic temperature compensation range  0~60C, with 25C as the reference temperature
                                                      Response time <60s (98% and 25C of the final value) 37C: 98% of the final value < 20 s
                                                      Clock accuracy ±1 minute/month
                                                      Output current error ≤±l.0%FS
                                                      Isolated output 0-10mA (load resistance <15KΩ); 4-20mA (load resistance <750Ω)
                                                      Communication interface RS485 or 232(optional)
                                                      Data storage capacity l month (1 point/5 minutes)
                                                      Time of saving data 10 years
                                                      Alarm relay AC 220V, 3A
                                                      Power supply 220V±10% 50±1HZ
                                                      Overall dimension Secondary meter: 146 (length) x 146 (width) x 108 (depth) mm;
                                                      Dimension of the hole: 138 x 138mm
                                                      Working conditions ambient temperature: 0-60C; relative humidity <85%
                                                      The connection tubes for inlet and outlet water Φ8, Φ10 and Φl2

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