Type:CX-SA-1603 silicate analyzer

                                                      Illustrate:It can be used for the measurement of the silicate content in the demineralized water, the boiler water and the steam in the thermal power plant and for the determination of the silicate content in the treatment of the industrial water in such industries as chemical industry, chemical fiber industry and semiconductor industry.

                                                      CX-SA-1603 Silicate Analyzer

                                                      Main Features
                                                      1. With an advanced design, it not only acts as the laboratory equipment but also conducts field UPS-based manual sampling.
                                                      2. Some special measures are adopted during the design and production of the instrument; the instrument can be stable and reliable for a long term. The stability and repeatability of the instrument is also stable and reliable for a long term.
                                                      3. The Instrument adopts the molybdenum blue reaction—photoelectric colorimetric principle. The optical components are of excellent precision, and the instrument owns high sensitivity and good selectivity. It also adopts the anti-corrosion sample system, and is equipped with the special anti-corrosion sampling valve with convenient and reliable operation and a long life.
                                                      4. The apparatus applies to the determination of silicon according to GB l2150-89 Analysis Of Water Used In Boiler And Cooling System as well as the silicate analysis for sulfate-based ammonium molybdate, tartaric acid and l-2-4 acid, the silicate analysis of hydrochloride-based ammonium molybdate, oxalic acid and l-2-4 acid, making the instrument application more extensive.
                                                      5. The apparatus not only conforms to Chinese national standard GB 12150-89, but also deducts the reagent difference as well as the anhydrous silicate content difference with the curve shifting method in a better way, Making the instrumental analysis more precise.
                                                      Main Parameters

                                                      Working method Used in the lab or field UPS-based manual sampling
                                                      Measuring range 0-200 μ g / L SiO2; Direct reading with digital display
                                                      Intrinsic errors  +2.5% (Full scale) (When the measuring range is 0-50 μ g/L SiO2,
                                                       the basic error is ± 4%, namely ±2μ g / L SiO2)
                                                      Repeatability Coefficient of variation: RSD <0.5%
                                                      Stability Drift Per Hour: ≤ ± 0 5% (full scale)
                                                      Supply voltage AC 220V: +10%, 50Hz: +1%  Power: <50W
                                                      Overall dimension 335 (width)x 1 60(height)x225(depth)
                                                      Weight 8.5k

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