Type:CX-IPH-1204 industrial pH meter

                                                      Illustrate:It can be widely used for measuring the PH and temperature values of the solutions used in the following industries: thermal power plants, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmacy manufacturing, biochemistry, food and running water etc.

                                                      CX-IPH-1204 industrial pH meter

                                                      Main Features
                                                      1.Intelligent: This intelligent online PH meter adopts high-accuracy AD conversion and single chip microcomputer
                                                      processing technologies and can be used for measuring the PH values and temperature.
                                                      2.Strong interference immunity: It adopts the latest components and high-impedance input of l012Ω
                                                      3.Its currentoutput adopts optoelectronic isolating technology.
                                                      4.High protection grade: It adopts waterproof and dust-proof design and is applicable for outdoor use.
                                                      5.25C Conversion: his meter is especially suitable for testingthe various water solutions in power plants.
                                                      6.Multi-parameter display: The PH and temperature values can be displayed on the screen at the same time.
                                                      7.Communication interface: It can be easily connected to a computer to perform monitoring and communication.
                                                      8.With strong environmental adaptability, clear display, easy operation and excellent measuring performance

                                                      Main Parameters

                                                      Measuring range PH value: 0~14.00pH division value: 0.01pH
                                                      Temperature: 0~80C; division value: 0.1C
                                                      Electric potential value: ±1999mV; division value: 0.1mV
                                                      Range for automatic temperature compensation 0~99.9C, with 25C as the reference temperature
                                                      Accuracy pH value: ±0.05pH; temperature: ±0.5C(0~60.0C)
                                                      Water sample tested 0~99.9C,0.6Mpa
                                                      Automatic temperature compensation error ±0 03pH
                                                      Repeatability error of the electronic unit ±0.02pH
                                                      Stability ±0.02pH/24h
                                                      Input impedance ≥1x1012Ω
                                                      Clock accuracy ±1 minute/month
                                                      Isolated current output 4~20mA(load <750Ω)
                                                      Output current error ≤±l%FS
                                                      High and low alarm relays AC 220V, 3A
                                                      Communication interface RS485 or 232 (optional)
                                                      Power supply AC220V±22V, 50±1Hz; DC24V (optional)
                                                      Protection IP65
                                                      Dimension of the hole 138 x 138mm
                                                      Overall dimension 146 (length) x 146 (width) x 108 (depth) mm
                                                      Working condition ambient temperature: 0~60C; relative humidity <85%
                                                      The connection tubes for inlet and outlet water: Φ8, Φ10 and Φl2.


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