Type:CX-IPH-1203 industrial pH transmitter

                                                      Illustrate:This meter is specially developed for measuring the PH values of water used in such industries as chemical industry, power stations, electronic industry and fermentation industries.

                                                      CX-IPH-1203 industrial pH transmitter

                                                      Brief Introduction
                                                      1.CX-IPH-1203 Industrial PH Meter is our company’s latest-developed two (four)-wire transmitter type intelligent integrated industrial PH meter
                                                      2.Adopts the latest design pattern and is characterized by its high performance and reliability as well as LCD display
                                                      3.CX-IPH-1203 PH Meter is a kind of industrial PH meter for continuous measuring and monitoring.
                                                      4.Its pre-amplifier is a high-quality high-impedance amplifier. Its PH electrodes are imported combination electrodes
                                                      5.This meter is characterized by high accuracy, fast response, small volume and easy installation and maintenance.
                                                      6.Adopts two-point calibration and a two-wire system with 4~20mA output or a four-wire system with 24V power supply and 4~20mA output
                                                      7.It possesses strong interference immunity and the capacity of long-distance transmission that can reach as far as 200 meters. 

                                                      Main Features
                                                      1.Equipped with the latest single chip microcomputer
                                                      2.Character: low powerconsumption, less peripheral components and high performance, stability and reliability.
                                                      3.This instrument adopts LCD display. It can display the PH values, mV andtemperature values respectively.
                                                      4.The meter has power-failure parameter protection.
                                                      5.It has two-point or one-point automatic calibration function that is convenient and accurate.
                                                      6.Automatic temperature compensation.
                                                      7.It can display the “zero-potential” pH value and slope of the electrode system.
                                                      8.It adopts 4~20mA current output.

                                                      Main Parameters

                                                      Ambient temperature 0~55C
                                                      Relative humidity ﹤85%
                                                      Power supply 24 VDC±5%
                                                      Solution temperature tested 5~55C
                                                      Measuring range PH: 0~14PH,Temperature: 0~85C
                                                      Intrinsic errors PH: ±0.05PH,Temperature: ±0.5C
                                                      Input impedance >l012Ω
                                                      Temperature compensation range and influence error 5~55C ±0.5%FS/10C
                                                      Current output 4~20mA (RL≤500Ω) ±0.5%F

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