Type:CX-IPH-1201A industrial pH meter

                                                      Illustrate:It is applicable for pure and ultrapure water treatment and industrial and sewage water treatment in the following industries: electric power, environmental protection, chemical industry, petroleum, paper making, metallurgy, semi-conductor, medicine and food stuff.

                                                      CX-IPH-1201A industrial pH meter

                                                      Brief introduction
                                                      1.Used for water quality analysis and monitoring and is equipped with a microprocessor
                                                      2.Widely used for continuous monitoring of the PH values of the demineralized water, raw water, steam condensate, distilled sea water, de-ionized water, etc. 

                                                      Main features
                                                      1.With automatic temperature compensation, one-point and two-point calibrations and the existing PHvalue calibration.
                                                      2.Available with history curve, real-time trend chart and clock.
                                                      3.Functions of isolated current output and alarm.
                                                      4.The user can set the password or consult the “Help” menu or the “Service Guide” Menu.
                                                      5.It has power-off protection. The data can be saved for 5 years under a continuous power-failure condition.
                                                      6.Can be connected directly to a computer and enables remote operation and control.
                                                      7.Adopts universal module power supply.

                                                      Main parameters

                                                      Measuring range PH value: 0~14.00pH; temperature: 0~60C
                                                      Automatic temperature compensation 0~60C (with 25C as the reference temperature)
                                                      Intrinsic error of electronic units PH value: ±0.05pH; temperature: ±0.05C
                                                      Error of the automatic temperature compensation ±0.03pH ±1 unit
                                                      Stability ±0.02pH/24h
                                                      Input impedance ≥1x1012Ω
                                                      Input current ≤1x10-12A
                                                      Water sample pressure 0.6Mpa
                                                      Isolated output 0~10mA (load resistance <1.5KΩ)
                                                      4~20mA (load resistance <750Ω)
                                                      Normally-open contact of the alarm relay 3A 240V AC, 6A 28V DC or 120V AC
                                                      Overall dimension of the electrode unit 151 (length) x 151 (width) x 251 (depth) mm
                                                      Dimension of the mounting hole 138 x 138mm
                                                      Power supply 85~265VAC 50±1Hz
                                                      Note:The connection patters of the inlet and outlet water tubes: Pipes and hoses and flanged pipes should be of the
                                                      following diameters: Φ6, Φ8, Φl0, Φ12 and Φ14.

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