Type:CX-ICM-1107 industrial conductivity meter

                                                      Illustrate:It is widely used for on-line continuous monitoring of pure water in pharmacy, electronics, chemical engineering and many other industries, and is an optimal supporting instrument for various medium and small-sized pure water equipment.

                                                      CX-ICM-1107 Industrial Conductivity Meter

                                                      Brief Introduction
                                                      1.It is an on-line measurement and control instrument for water quality in industrial processes.
                                                      2.It integrates measurement of conductivity, resistivity and temperature.
                                                      3.Under the single-chip technology, it provides discretionary setting of temperature factor of pure water, constant of electrode, upper alarming threshold of conductivity and lower alarming threshold of resistivity by means of keystroke.
                                                      4.This meter can be used as a supporting instrument for the front conductance and back resistance between the secondary reverse osmosis and the EDl ion exchange resin mixed-bed.
                                                      Main Features
                                                      1.Four-level measuring range, automatic switching, automatic carry-bit display, simple operation and highmeasuring precision.
                                                      2.Automatic temperature measurement and automatic temperature compensation for solution.
                                                      3.3-digit LCD digital display, simultaneous display of temperature and measured value, beautiful outline and clear display.
                                                      4.Solution temperature factor and electrode constant can be set discretionarily.
                                                      5.Alarming upon and control over excess conductivity and resistivity (conductivity 0-1999 μS·cm-1)
                                                      6.Resistivity (0-18.25 MΩ·Cm) Action points of relay can be set within the measuring range.
                                                      7.Isolated 4-20mA current signal output is provided for resistivity (Channel B), which can be used as the output of the meter or realized through transmitter.
                                                      Main parameters

                                                      Measuring range Channel A conductivity: 0-2000μS·cm-1 with automatic range change
                                                      Channel B resistivity: 0~18.25MΩ·cm with automatic range change
                                                      Temperature measuring range: 0-60°C
                                                      Intrinsic error of electronic units ±1.0%(FS) ±1 unit
                                                      Intrinsic error of the instrument: ±2%(FS) ±1 unit
                                                      Temperature compensation range 5-50 °C, with a base temperature of 25°C
                                                      Temperature measurement error ±1°C
                                                      Electrode For Channel A conductivity measurement: l.0 cm-1;
                                                      material: stainless steel
                                                      For Channel B resistivity measurement: 0.01cm-1;
                                                      material: stainless steel
                                                      Working pressure  0-0.5Mpa
                                                      Output current signal (Channel B) Isolated output of 4-20mA (with a max. load of 500Ω)
                                                      Capacity of alarming contact 2A/250V AC (on resistance load)
                                                      Size of thread: 1/2” pipe thread
                                                      Cable length 5m or as specified
                                                      Overall dimension 96 x 96 x 130mm(length x width x depth);
                                                      dimension of the hole: 92 x 92mm
                                                      Working conditions
                                                      Ambient temperature 5-50 °C
                                                      Relative humidity No more than 85%
                                                      Power supply AC220V±10% 50Hz
                                                      No remarkable vibration
                                                      No magnetic field interference other than terrestrial magnetic field

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