Type:CX-ICM-1105A industrial conductivity meter

                                                      Illustrate:It can be widely used for continuous monitoring of conductivity of water and solution in thermal power plants, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmacy, biochemical engineering, foodstuff, running water and many other industries.

                                                      CX-ICM-1105A  Industrial Conductivity Meter

                                                      Main Features
                                                      1.Computer-based: Multi-parameter measurement, temperature compensation and automatic range conversion are achieved thanks to the high-performance CPU chip, high-precision AD conversion technology and SMT pasting technology, resulting in high precision and repeatability.
                                                      2.Reliability: Touch keys, no switch knob or potentiometer.
                                                      3.Automatic conversion of measuring frequency: Electrode polarization avoided and measurement accuracy enhanced.
                                                      4.Alarm: Isolated output of alarming signals, discretionary setting of upper and lower thresholds for alarming, and lagged cancellation of alarming.
                                                      5.Network function: Isolated current output and RS485/RS232 communication interface.
                                                      6.Isolated current output: Discretionary setting of upper and lower thresholds of current corresponding to the
                                                      7. The clear display, simple operation and high measuring performance provide it with high cost performance.
                                                      Main Parameters

                                                      Measuring range (0~20000) μS/cm; temperature: 0~99.9℃
                                                      Display mode LED (nixie tube) display, high brightness, striking to the eye and highly readable, long viewing distance
                                                      Resolution 0.001μS/cm, 0.1℃
                                                      Electrode constant: 0.01-20 μS/cm (Electrode K=0.01),0.1~200 μS/cm (Electrode K=0.1)
                                                      1.0~2000 μS/cm (Electrode K=1.0) ,10~20000μS/cm (Electrode K=10.0)
                                                      Temperature compensation Automatic 0-99.9℃, manual 0-99.9℃ (25℃ Conversion)
                                                      Accuracy ±l 0%FS, ±0 3℃
                                                      Isolated current output 4~20 mA(load <750Ω)
                                                      Alarming relay AC220V, 3A, isolated output of alarming signals
                                                      Communication interface  Isolated RS485
                                                      Power supply AC220V, 50Hz ±1Hz  DC24V
                                                      Protection IP65
                                                      Working condition Ambient temperature: 0-60℃; relative humidity≤90%
                                                      Power-down memory >10 years

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