Type:CX-CL80A/CL80B chlorine controller

                                                      Illustrate:Chlorine controller used in drinking water treatment plants, drinking water distribution network, a swimming pool.

                                                      CX-CL80A/CL80B Chlorine Controller

                                                      Brief Introduction
                                                      Measurement system consists of CL80A/CL80B controller, chlorine electrode, pH;Electrode (automatic pH compensation) of three parts parts.Electrode contact with the tested solution, instrument displays the value of aqueous solution ofchlorine, pH, temperature and working state.

                                                      Main Parameters
                                                      Measuring range 0~ 20.00mg/L ppm
                                                      Temperature 0 ~60C
                                                      Resolution Chlorine 0.001mg/L Temperature 0.1
                                                      The temperature compensation 0~60C Reference TEMP 25C
                                                      The pH compensation 6~9pH
                                                      Response time < 2min (90% 20 )
                                                      Minimum flow 15cm3/S constant velocity
                                                      Stability <2%F·S every month(normal temperature and normal pressure)
                                                      Current output 0~10mA(load resistance 1.5KO),4~20mA(load resistance 750O)
                                                      Two group of alarm relay 3A 240VAC 6A 28VDC 120VAC
                                                      power supply 220VAC±10%,50±1Hz
                                                       The dimension 96×96×130mm
                                                      The tapping size of electronic unit 91×91mm
                                                      Installation way panel installation
                                                      The electronic unit weight 0.6kg
                                                      Operating conditions
                                                      Ambient temperature 10~ 60 C
                                                      Relative humidity no bigger than90%
                                                      There are no corrosive gas around
                                                      There are no other magnetic fields or electromagnetic fields which produce the negative effect except the earth magnetic field

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