Type:CXNS-120 dissolved oxygen electrode

                                                      Illustrate:It is widely use in the applications like water treatment , hydrological monitoring , wastewater treatment ,swimming pools fish ponds and fertilizer . Chemical ,biological and other fields about the oxygen content monitor .

                                                      CXNS-120 Dissolved Oxygen Electrode

                                                      Main Features
                                                      1.Sensitive response ,good stability
                                                      2.Do not need to replace the diaphragm and the electrolyte .  
                                                      3.Suitable for variety of waste water , the diaphragm is difficult to be damaged, anti-pollution .
                                                      NS-120 type oxygen electrode is a diaphragm polarographic (clark) sensor . By conductibility electrolyte which connect one cathode and one anode to compose .Between the cathode and the anode ,the proper polarization voltage can deoxidize the O2 at the Cathode electrode .
                                                      Cathode reaction:O2+2H2O +4e → 4OH-
                                                      Anode reaction :4Ag  +4Cl- → 4AgCl + 4e
                                                      These chemical reactions produce the current which is proportional to the O2 in the measured solution’s partial pressure .
                                                      Main Parameters

                                                      Measuring principle current measurement/polarography
                                                      Detection limit <40ppb oxygen percent
                                                      Response time the oxygen content decreased 90%<2min ,when the temperature is 25 C
                                                      Residual current the residual room temperature signal<2% FS in the anaerobic medium 
                                                      Operating temperature 0~60C
                                                      Pressure 0~4bar
                                                      Electrode signal 20~80nA at 25 Celsius degree (can customize under the requests)
                                                      Temperature compensation thermal resistance value can customize it under the user’s requests
                                                      Electrode size diameter (12mm) ,length(120mm)(PG13.5 screw thread interface),
                                                      can customize under the requests
                                                      Electrode material 316L stainless steel shell ,POM diaphragm cap
                                                      Permeable membrane enhanced steel mesh PTFE and poly siloxane fil

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