Type:CX-ORP-0206 ORP combination electrode

                                                      Illustrate:Adoption of the most advanced Teflon diaphragm with large ring section to make the electrode with stable liquid junction.

                                                      CX-ORP-0206 ORP Combination Electrode with Glass Body

                                                      Main Features
                                                      1.For the general industrial process.
                                                      2.Unique structure prevent the electrode from easy pollution and blockage; Long life.
                                                      3.The reference system is filled with high polymer. Convenient use. Unnecessary to refill electrolyte.
                                                      4.Directly be used together with various redox meters as a complete set
                                                      Main Parameters

                                                      Measuring Range +/-1999mV
                                                      Temp. Range(C) 5-90
                                                      Pressure (MP) 0.3
                                                      Sensor Type Platinum Band
                                                      Connector Thread PG13.5
                                                      Connector BNC,S7
                                                      Dimensions(mm) Dia.12x15

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