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                                                      Talking about the influence of base depth micro flowmeter on domestic engine---Sophia

                                                      Domestic engine status:
                                                      About a decade ago, at the beginning of the development of Chinese auto brand car companies, Chery, BYD, Brilliance, Zotye and other car companies chose to directly purchase the engines of Mitsubishi (also known as Dongan Mitsubishi and Shenyang Aerospace Mitsubishi Engine Company) for automobiles. produce.
                                                      By 2016, it can be said that China's own brands basically use their own engines, and the core components are purchased from BorgWarner, Bosch, China, Delphi, and also developed in cooperation with Bosch.
                                                      Engine technology, the current key electronic control system is monopolized by BOSH. Whether it is domestic engine or Volkswagen, the engine company will cooperate with Bosch and Delphi to produce electronic control system. The domestic engine is also the same. Some of the key parts of the giant cooperation.
                                                      Some experts once said: Why is the domestic car engine not working, we have no problem in design, but we have no test data, empirical data, and finally rely on the data correction model. If there is any discrepancy with the design model, we should correct it. It depends on the accumulation of data and experience for a long time. This is a company's know how. If we lack these things now, then we can't do it. We can only ask people to design.
                                                      The base depth micro flowmeter can realize the accumulation of experimental data and empirical data, and then pass the data correction model. Most of the current domestic technologies use measuring cups, weighing methods, low efficiency, and poor precision; this is an important reason for the poor quality of domestic engines.
                                                      The base depth micro flowmeter can accurately test the fuel injection amount of the injector through the gear rotation to detect whether the injector has a problem. Qualified must pass the pre-spray, wait for speed, full-load operation test. And these data can be detected by the base depth micro flowmeter. We have compared our products with Australian three-pulse products. See below:
                                                      Regardless of whether it is testing pre-spraying or waiting for speed, the data is superior to foreign brands. This is why more and more customers choose our products to replace the foreign brands such as Max, OVAL, MACNAUGHT, KRACHT.
                                                      The engine is good, look at the injector,
                                                      The injector does not look good at the test bench.
                                                      The test bench is not good to see the common rail,
                                                      The common rail is not good to see the flowmeter;
                                                      The flowmeter has to choose the porcelain brand.
                                                      The injector is actually a simple solenoid valve. When the solenoid is energized, the suction is generated. The needle valve is sucked up, the nozzle is opened, and the fuel is ejected at a high speed through the annular gap between the needle of the needle head and the nozzle. It forms a mist, which is good for burning.
                                                      Injector test bench
                                                      1. The engine is good or not.
                                                      2. The nozzle technology is completely controlled by Germany, the United States, and Japan, so the flowmeter generally uses the flowmeter of this country.
                                                      3. If the injector is qualified, it must pass the pre-spray, wait for speed, and run at full load.
                                                      4. Most of the current domestic technology uses measuring cups, weighing method, low efficiency and poor precision; this is an important reason for the poor quality of domestic engines.
                                                      5. At present, we independently research and develop, and it is also the first ultra-micro flowmeter in China to measure the flow rate of 0.5~150ml/min.

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