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                                                      CIXIFM P Series Micro Gear Flow Meter Industrial Chemical Flow Meter

                                                      P series micro gear flow meter chemical corrosive liquid flow meter produced by Shanghai Cixi Instrument Co., Ltd. are all made of corrosion-resistant materials, resistant to acids,
                                                      alkalis and various solutions, and are suitable
                                                      for accurate metering of various chemical medium and low viscosity that cannot be in contact with metals such as stainless steel. Used in the chemical industry or reactor flow monitoring.

                                                      P series gear flow meter
                                                      Model: CX-P1 (PS1)
                                                      K factor: 0.055 ml/P
                                                      Flow range: 1~100 mL/min
                                                      Gear material:  PPS 
                                                      Housing material: PPS (PPS+SS316L)

                                                      Model: CX-P2 (PS2)
                                                      K factor: 0.175 ml/P
                                                      Flow range: 3~300 mL/min
                                                      Gear material:  PPS 
                                                      Housing material: PPS (PPS+SS316L)
                                                      Model: CX-P3 (PS3)
                                                      K factor: 0.25 ml/P
                                                      Flow range: 5~500 mL/min
                                                      Gear material: PPS 
                                                      Housing material: PPS (PPS+SS316L)
                                                      Model: CX-P4 (PS4)
                                                      K factor: 0.5 ml/P
                                                      Flow range: 10~1000 mL/min
                                                      Gear material: PPS 
                                                      Housing material: PPS (PPS+SS316L)
                                                      Model: CX-P5 (PS5)
                                                      K factor: 2.5 ml/P
                                                      Flow range: 50~5000 mL/min
                                                      Gear material: PPS 
                                                      Housing material: PPS (PPS+SS316L)
                                                      Product Characteristics
                                                      Power supply: DC5~26V
                                                      Measuring range: 1:100
                                                      Accuracy: 1~0.5 level
                                                      Temperature: -30~80℃
                                                      Pressure resistance: 8bar
                                                      Output: Square wave pulse (Hall sensor) 
                                                      According to different media, the P series flowmeters have produced two types of flowmeters: one is used to measure oil, which is slightly cheaper, and the other is used to measure water,
                                                      liquid, chemical liquids, including corrosive liquids flow meter, this price is a bit more expensive, but the overall is a very cost-effective chemical flow meter.
                                                      measuring water,liquid
                                                      Shaft: Ceramic
                                                      O-ring: FKM; PTFE
                                                      Gear: special material, acid and alkali resistan
                                                      Clearance: Min clearance
                                                      for oil measuring
                                                      Shaft: SS304
                                                      O-ring: Nitrile/NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber)
                                                      Gear: Special resin
                                                      Clearance: normal clearance
                                                      Can be integrated display or with DC8S remote digital display.4-20mA analog output, 
                                                      Modbus RTU 485 communication, cumulative alarm, instantaneous alarm, etc.
                                                      This P series flowmeter is made of corrosion-resistant materials, which can be used to measure the flow of all chemical liquids, acid and alkali reagents, with high accuracy and wide flow range.
                                                      Small vibration noise during working, convenient installation.
                                                      For more information, please consult winny:

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