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                                                      Water Flow Meter

                                                      There are many types of flow meters for measuring water, such as magnetic flow meter, rotor flow meters,
                                                      vortex flow meters,turbine flow meters, ultrasonic open channel flow meter, ultrasonic flow meter, Handheld ultrasonic flowmeter,and gear micro flow meters.
                                                      At present, electromagnetic flowmeter, turbine vortex, ultrasonic flowmeter, can solve most of the working conditions.
                                                      The choice of water flow meter mainly depends on the water flow, temperature, pressure, and whether there are impurities.
                                                      If for ponds and rivers with impurities, our first choice is the electromagnetic flow meter

                                                      Uaffected by density, viscosity and temperature 
                                                      No pressure loss and lower require for straight pipe 
                                                      Different medium with different lining and material 
                                                      High definition LCD display with backlight.
                                                      SMD component ,surface technology improce 
                                                      Technical Data: CX-EMFM
                                                      Accuracy: 0.5% high accuracy
                                                      Temperature:Ambient temperature: -25~60℃ 
                                                      Medium temperature Max:60℃ 
                                                      Pressure 0.6;1.0;1.6,4.0Mpa for different size
                                                      Output: Pulse output 4-20mA/RS485/MODBUS
                                                      Power supply: 85-265VAC/11-40VDC or batterysupply
                                                      Connection: Thread or flange
                                                      Display: LCD display or None display
                                                      Material: Carbon steel.stainless steel
                                                      Electrode: SS3161,HastelloyB/C.Titanium,Tantalum...
                                                      Protection: IP67/IP68
                                                      Turbine is also a commonly used water flow meter, its accuracy is slightly lower, but the price is cheap!
                                                      In addition, there is also pipe type liquid flow measurement, you can choose ultrasonic pipe flowmeter
                                                      If you are measuring the liquid flow rate of small and low flow water flow, you can choose gear flowmeter
                                                      If you don't know how to choose a model now, you can consult winny:
                                                      Open channel water flow meter
                                                       Right-angle rectangular weir,
                                                      Triangular weir,
                                                      Width weir,
                                                      Parshall flume
                                                      Low sensor power consumption, easy installation and orientation, application wildly ,standard 4-20mA output, use it separately as liquid level meter 
                                                      Easy operation, widely used in thin plate right-angle weir, triangular weir, parshall flume and so on. When power off, it can save 10 years.
                                                      Base on user's demand, it can attach flash disk, micro printer and storage battery. 
                                                      Flux range :0~9999999 (Full eight cleared and the cumulative number plus 1)
                                                      Instant flux: 10L/s~10m3/s(based on wire type and size)
                                                      Sensor range:3m、5m、8m、12m
                                                      sensor blind area:0.4m
                                                      sensor precision :±0.5%F.S
                                                      liquid level resolution:1mm
                                                      signal input:transducer
                                                      output(optional):4-20mA / RS485/232(Modbus)/
                                                      work voltage:AC220V or DC12~24V
                                                      sensor installation size:M60×2
                                                      sensor cable:10m
                                                      protection degree:IP53 for main instrument  /IP65 for sensor(higher degree optional)
                                                      If you don't know how to choose a model now, you can consult winny:
                                                      I believe I will give you a professional answer, and look forward to getting to know you!

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