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                                                      Type:300,500,550,600 series Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

                                                      Illustrate:Main function: ●Independent flaw detector channel(can expand according to user’s requirement;...

                                                      Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
                                                      Main function:
                                                      ●Independent flaw detector channel(can expand according to user’s requirement;
                                                      ●Free storage, playback wave and data;
                                                      ●DAC、AVG curve automatic generation and can make in section, sampling point isn’t limited.
                                                      And can revise and compensate.  
                                                      ●B scan function, displays defect longitudinal section shape clearly;
                                                      ●Defect equivalent Φ value automatic calculates;
                                                      ●Calibrate probe’s K value automatically; leading edge; zero point; material sound velocity.
                                                      ●Angular sensor angle (K value) calculate automatically;
                                                      ●Analyses echo times;
                                                      ●Repetition frequency set.
                                                      Miscellaneous function:
                                                      ●Automatic gain, echo envelope, peak value memory function improves efficiency of detect flaw.
                                                      ●Displays flaw echo location automatically (depth, level, distance, wave amplitude);
                                                      ●Switching four scale mode freely: depth, sonic path distance, projection, and curve;
                                                      ●Two input mode: angular probe angle and K value
                                                      ●Strobe sound-light alarm;
                                                      ●Built-in industry’s detection standard.
                                                      Structure characteristic:
                                                      ●Communicate with computer, realize computer data management, and derive Excel format, A4 paper’s detection report;
                                                      ●Use PO port communication software can upgrades instrument system function;
                                                      ●High-performance and safety and environmental protection Li battery powered, can continuously work for 10 hours.
                                                      ●Sturdy and durable, water-proof and dustproof, high antijamming capability
                                                      ●26000 colors true color screen super bright display, height is adjustable, suitable for highlight and weak light environment;
                                                        DUFD-300 DUFD-500 DUFD-550 DUFD-600
                                                      Screen display monochrome Color screen Color screen Color screen
                                                      Measuring range 2.5-6000mm
                                                      (steel longitudinal wave)
                                                      (steel longitudinal wave)
                                                      Vertical linearity  error ≤3%
                                                      Sound velocity (1000- 9999)m/s (1000-15000)m/s
                                                      Horizontal linearity error ≤0.1%
                                                      Flaw detection sensitivity surplus ≥60dB ≥62dB ≥65dB
                                                      Channel 50 100 300 500
                                                      Storage 500 500 800 1000
                                                      B scan / / Yes
                                                      Two Hole test method / / / Yes
                                                      Detection video  / 、 Yes
                                                      6dB curve / / Yes
                                                      Pulse/emission power Unadjustable Adjustable adjustable
                                                      Overall dimension 240×160×40mm(main body)
                                                      Weight 1100g
                                                      Standard configuration Main body, power adaptor, straight probe, 
                                                      probe connection wire, angular sensor, 
                                                      communication cable, communication software
                                                      Optional Laptop, standard test block, probe

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