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                                                      thermal resistance with fixed threaded tube connector
                                                      thermal resistance with straight tube connector
                                                      thermal resistance with elbow tube connector
                                                      thermal resistance with fixed flange
                                                      thermal resistance with threaded connector
                                                      thermocouple with fixed threaded-tube connector
                                                      thermocouple with straight tube connector
                                                      thermocouple with elbow tube connector
                                                      thermocouple with fixed flange
                                                      CX-TK-104 intelligent temperature controller
                                                      CX-TK-102 intelligent temperature switch
                                                      CX-TS-ST20 mechanical temperature switch (bimetallic strip type)
                                                      D541/7T、D541/7TK temperature switch
                                                      CX-TS-118 digital thermometer
                                                      CX-TS-102 digital temperature transmitter
                                                      CX-TS-100 digital temperature transmitter
                                                      CXST40 integrated temperature transmitter
                                                      CXST30 mechanical temperature transmitter
                                                      CX-WTZ/WTQ-280/288 pressure type thermometer
                                                      CX-BT-WSSX-100B explosion-proof electrical contact thermometer digital
                                                      WSS/ WSSX bimetal thermometer

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