Type:thermocouple (thermal resistance) with temperature transmitter

                                                      Illustrate:It is usually connected with display meter, recording meter, computer, etc. to directly measure temperature of liquid, vapor, gas and solid surface ranging from -200℃ to 1300℃ with explosives such as hydrocarbon on production spot, with output of 4~20mA.

                                                      Explosion-proof Thermocouple ( Thermal Resistance) with Temperature Transmitter

                                                      It is usually connected with display meter, recording meter, computer, etc. to directly measure temperature of liquid, vapor, gas and solid surface ranging from -200℃ to 1300℃ with explosives such as hydrocarbon on production spot, with output of 4~20mA.

                                                      1.Double wire system output of 4~20mA,good anti-interference performance
                                                      2.Spare cost on compensational wire and temperature transmitter installation
                                                      3.Wide measuring range
                                                      4.Automatic compensation at cold end, non-linear rectifying circuit
                                                      Operation Theory
                                                      Pyroelectric potential change tested with the thermocouple (thermal resistance)results in imbalance signal through electrical bridge of temperature transmitter. The signal transforms into D.C. 4~20mA signal after being amplified and is transmitted to working meter, then working meter shows relevant temperature value.

                                                      Main Technical Parameters
                                                      Executive Standard
                                                      Measuring Range & Tolerance
                                                      Thermal Resistance

                                                      Type Graduation Measuring Range ℃ Accuracy Tolerance  
                                                      WZPB Pt100 -200~+500 A級
                                                      ±(0.15+0.002) ltl
                                                      ±(0.30+0.005) ltl
                                                      WZCB Cu50 
                                                      --- ±(0.30+0.006) ltl  

                                                      Type Graduation Tolerance Class
                                                      I II
                                                      Tolerance Value Measuring Range °C Tolerance Value Measuring Range °C
                                                      WRNB K ±1.5°C -40~+375 ±2.5 °C -40~+333
                                                      ±0.004ltl 375~1000 ±0.0075 ltl 333~1200
                                                      WRMB N ±1.5°C -40~+375 ±2.5°C -40~+333
                                                      ±0.004 ltl 375~1000 ±0.0075 ltl 333~1200
                                                      WREB E ±1.5°C -40~+375 ±1.5°C -40~+333
                                                      ±0.004 ltl 375~800 ±0.004 ltl 333~900
                                                      WRFB J ±1.5°C -40~+375 ±1.5°C -40~+333
                                                      ±0.004 ltl 375~750 ±0.004 ltl 333~750
                                                      WRCB T ±1.5°C -40~+125 ±1°C -40~+133
                                                      ±0.004 ltl 125~350 ±0.0075 ltl 133~350
                                                      Output Signal :
                                                      4~20mA Loading Resistance :250 1/2
                                                      Transmission Conductor Resistance: 100 1/2
                                                      Output Way:
                                                      Double Wire System
                                                      Tolerance Class:
                                                      Power Supply:
                                                      24V D. C. ±10%
                                                      Protection Class:
                                                      Insulation Resistance:
                                                      Insulation resistance between wiring terminal and outer shell shall be to less than 50 1/2.
                                                      Thermal Response Time:
                                                      We use t 0.5 to represent the time needed for current output signal of instrument to change to 50% of step change of temperature.
                                                      When step response time of temperature transmitter is no more than 1/5 of thermal response time t 0.5 of thermocouple (thermal resistance), thermal response time of thermocouple (thermal resistance )is considered as that of the instrument.
                                                      When step response time of temperature transmitter is no more than 1/2 of thermal response time t 0.5 0f thermocouple (thermal resistance), thermal response time of temperature transmitter is considered as that of the instrument.
                                                      Basic Error:
                                                      The basic error shall be no more than total error of thermocouple and temperature transmitter.
                                                      Operation Environment

                                                      Environment Grade Temperature ℃ Ralative Humidity % Air Pressure kPa
                                                      Cx1 -25~+55 5~95 86~106
                                                      Cx2 -25~+70
                                                      Cx3 -40~+80
                                                       Support Tube Length:
                                                      Operation temperature of temperature transmitter is the sum of shell temperature rise caused by support tube and ambient temperature, PLS see the following figure for shell temperature rise caused by support tube:
                                                      Note: t1=260℃     t2=540℃      t3=850℃
                                                      Wiring Method

                                                      Junction Box

                                                      Type Naming Method 

                                                      W Temperature Instrument
                                                        R Category
                                                      R  Thermocouple
                                                      Z Z  Thermal Resistance
                                                          Thermal Element Material
                                                      M M NiCrSi-NiSi
                                                      N N NiCr-NiSi
                                                      E E NiCr-CuNi
                                                      F F Fe- CuNi
                                                      C C Cu- CuNi
                                                      P P Pt
                                                      C C Cu
                                                      B Temperature Transmitter
                                                      Mounting &fixing
                                                      1 Without fixing device
                                                      2 Threaded connector
                                                      3 Movable Flange
                                                      4 Fixed flange
                                                      5 Elbow tube connector
                                                      6 Fixed threaded Cone connector
                                                      7 Straight tube connector
                                                      8 Fixed threaded tube connector
                                                      9 Movable threaded tube connector
                                                        Junction box
                                                      Anti-spray Type
                                                      Protection Tube Diameter
                                                          2Φ16 High Al Content Tube
                                                        3Φ20 High Al Content Tube
                                                        Measuring End
                                                      G Variable cross section
                                                      W R N B 2 2 0 G Model example

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